Monday, November 24, 2008

Hold on a second, while I use my steroids.

I have almost finished up my month long round of using steroid eye drops. Soon I'll be able to wear my contacts again, hopefully. And it got me to thinking, wouldn't that be so cool if steroid eye drops could give a comicbook hero x-ray vision? I don't see why not. Look at how many awesome mutations these average joe's have from radiation (the hulk, spiderman, and I'm not as well versed on comicbooks but you catch my drift, aye?).

First dates where you ask each other these insightful questions as you countdown to the first kiss, one I like to volley is "what would your superpower be?".


Surprisingly accurate on finding out who has an imagination. I don't dig no guys who can't use their grey matter! :P My power? If I could only choose one would be invisibility. Although... With this power I would not be a hero. My intuition is that I would end up being a villain. I'm okay with this, actually. It's the reason why I'll never go into politics. "Absolute power corrupts absolutely"

Imagine, never having to buy a plane ticket again, to listen in to any conversation. I used to daydream about this a lot when I was going through the end days of my marriage, trying to stalk the hubbers, to find out all the lies he was feeding me. Yeah, that was the road to sanity... suuuuure.

I walk the line between black and white, my world is composed mostly of shades of gray. I'm dating a guy who has a very strong sense of right and wrong. I enjoy his viewpoint, but it makes me realize how far I've faded into the darkside sometimes. Muhahah!

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