Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Status Update (with pictures!) and Edits

Alright, I'll admit it! The pictures are a bribe to get you to read this. As any parent of a 4 year old knows, it's all about the bribes.

Speaking of precocious 4 year olds, here is mine. This photo is where she's telling me to walk the planks, its not bedtime yet coz the sun is still shining! (Aye, I'm working on her blackout blinds this week!)

As I'm crackberry blogging, I have no idea how the whole picture layout is going to work out. Say la vee! (Hahaha! That's my utah education. I know its french for "whatever will be, will be" but they didn't offer french in Beaver, only spanish. I'm not even going to attempt to spell it right. Because I'm lazy.)

The next photo is from Mother's Day, eating at Arby's. That's right folks, because we're classy! Z is showing me how she has hair just like her Momma. Not too far off from the color. Best part of my day was when a random stranger told Zoe that she needs to be nice to her mommy. Ha!
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Oh right, forgot to do the status updates. Indeed.

Foot is good-ish. I'm still gimping around, but it is much less pronounced. I have high hopes that our Seward trip to camp and fish won't be hindered by the Hop-a-rella.

M is still in Hawaii, dealing with the icky humidity. While Alaska weather has been breathtaking, truly the most awesome spring I've witnessed. In. My. Life. So HA!

The Hawaii-ish Luau was a sucess, as was the giant slip-n-slide birthday party we went to the next day. Ack! I hear yelling from the other room. Doesn't sound good... so that's it for the updates folks!