Thursday, April 2, 2009

Finally! Some Zoe birthday Pictures

I am struggling with the picture posting. I see all these amazing blogs with multiple pictures and they look great When I try to post pictures they are all skeewampus. Yes, that's right. Skeeewampus! So what the heck, I'll post anyway. And my 5 readers will just have to deal. :) Love ya! I will also mention that this is about the 4th time I have tried to post this blog specifically. Somehow it disappears into the blogiverse, but that only makes this whole gig more interesting. Riiiiiight.

My sweet Zoe girl turned 4 on March 23. I can hardly believe that she will be a kindergartner before I know it. I know I shouldn't be surprised, but I am. Where did my baby go?

Zoe loves to dress up. She would wear a dress every day, if we had enough tights to go with it. When we get home at the end of the day, chances are that she will either put on a princess dress, or dress up her barbies. Yes, that is precisely why her cake says "Happy Birthday Princess Zoe". Emerald encrusted a foam crown with sparkly rhinestones, but Zoe didn't find it the next day where she insisted on wearing it everywhere. Awesome!

Emerald picked out the blue dress for Z's birthday, and she immediately had to put it on. I think Eme was almost as excited as Zoe about the dress. You'd never guess that she likes to ham it up in front of the camera!
The white dress with flowers is one of the many sundresses she got from her dad for her birthday. I seriously need to get more warm-ish tights so she can wear her dresses so there will be less fighting in the morning as we get ready to head out for the day.

Don't pay attention to the christmas wrapping paper. Too be politically-correct at Christmas we tallied up all the presents to make sure that none of the girls received more presents than the others. A few of Zoe's presents went back into my closet until her birthday rolled around. I was too busy (ahem, lazy) to re-wrap with the barbie princess wrapping paper.
On a side note, I did have the comments lined up with the photos at one point. But I'm too busy (*ahem* lazy) to try and make it cohesive.


  1. heather, PUHLEASE- my blog pictures are lame and from my iphone, but i still post them.

    i love you and i love these pictures.
    and zoe is just..
    i can't believe she's getting so big!
    time has gone by so fast,
    i remember when she was a baby!!!!

    i love you. i really do.
    (is that strange?)

    these pictures made me cry. a good cry.
    i'm so happy for you heather...
    so happy you don't even know.

  2. I'm loving that cake! Did you make it?!