Monday, March 23, 2009

Radiation Safety Officer

Last week I attended the Radiation Safety Officer program in Las Vegas, Nv. The weather was gorgeous! In the mid-70's, sunshine, bliss! Although I spent the majority of each day inside going to class, I still managed to get an itty-bitty sunburn.

The class, given by Nevada Technical Associates was everything I could have asked for. We even went on a field trip to the Atomic Testing Museum. Woo! Mostly the class was a refresher on subjects that I had already learned, but now I'm certified to be a Radiation Safety Officer.

An interesting tidbit I learned, did you know that the Brazilian nut is the most naturally radioactive food? Often more than 10,000 times more radiaoactive than any other food because of the soil it is grown in. See, you are halfway to becoming a RSO yourself!

On a side note, today is Z's 4th birthday! I will have to post more of that later.


  1. congrats! :D

    yes, i want to here more about Z!!!!! :):):)

    love you heatherkins.

  2. I bet it was nice to go to some warm weather? Hope it was worth it! Thanks for the tidbit about the Brazilian nut...I had no idea! :)

  3. so, just out of curiosity, if you eat a lot of brazilian nuts, is it possible to gain super powers?

    like in the movies?

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