Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hairbinks Vacation notes

Life has been getting craaaazy. Ok, not getting really it's just keeping up the pace with the crazies lately.

We went on our first real roadtrip with ALL the girls. Fairbanks for the Ice Carving Championship. Took the long way up there, so eight hours with three girls crammed into the back seat of the truck.

Ice carvings were ahhhhmazing. And we all had a blast on the ice slides. I love that I am not required (ever) to act like a stuffy adult. I think that's probably why M's daughters like me so much. I love getting goofy, hamming it up. Eventually this will turn into a major embarassment for them, but for now they dig it.

Next we spent some time at the University of Alaska Fairbanks Museum. This is the first time I've been to a musuem with somebody I was sweet on, it was fun to discuss the exhibits and try to lose the kids. Just kidding about the losing the kids part. Mostly. :)

Ride home from Fairbanks (or Hairbinks as Zoe called it all weekend) was uneventful until the little voice in the backseat piped up "I have to go peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" My sweet girl, is entirely a princess girly-girl. We pulled off to the side of the road and I was trying to explain proper ettiquette for roadside pit stops. Eventually I had to just whip it out (figuratively of course!) and show her how it was done. Lots of giggling ensued, but she successful did her business. Five minutes down the road, "Mama, I gotta go peeeeeee!". I'm guessing she had so much fun with her previous adventure that she wanted to try it again. I hope this isn't going to turn into a new phase.

A few miles outside of Willow there was a massive traffic snarl. One moment we're cruising at 55 mph, and then slamming on the brakes for the stand-still traffic. I kept looking for the major accident I thought had slowed us down, when it occured to us... it's the opening of the Iditarod. And the racers start in Willow.

Smart! Perhaps next time, we'll plan that a little better. Overall,, our first little family vacation was a success! No bodily injury, no hurt feelings, minimal bickering. And lots of fun outside playing in the snow and ice. Score! I'm almost ready to start thinking abou twhere we'll go next.


  1. awww, that sounds exciting!!! wish i had been in hairbinks...

  2. That sounds fun (except for, perhaps, the part about three girls in the backseat of a truck for eight hours). But fun nonetheless. There's an annual ice carving competition near me, but I have to imagine it doesn't even compare to what gets done in Alaska.