Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Conversations with an almost 4 year old

Now this may not seem like much to other people with kids the same age, but I am so amazed at the progress my daughter has made since she got into the speech-therapy preschool. Before school, according to the testing she had the vocabulary of an 18 month old (at the age of 3). Now she sings songs, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star being her favorite, and will make up songs as she goes.

Last week.
Me: "You are such a cute punkinhead!"
Z: "I'm NOT a punkinhead mama, I'm a BARBIEGIRL!!!"

Z: "Spiderman is cool."
This caught me off guard with its randomness, so I burst out laughing.
Z: "Are you laughing at me mama?"
Me: "No baby, I'm laughing because you are awesome!"
Z: "I'm not awesome. You are awesome mama!"

Tuesday after work, I picked up Z at daycare. The kids still waiting for their parents were playing in the indoor gym. I walked through the door to see my daughter laughing and pointing at another child, who was crying. Now this boy wasn't just crying, he was bawling, with streamers of spit and snot.

"Z! That's not ok! Why are you laughing at Peter?" I exclaim. She continues to laugh and point. Uh.... Turns out that the little guy was throwing a massive temper tantrum, and my daughter just thought it was hilarious. Not sure what to do about this, just roll with it I suppose.

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  1. i <3 your child. and you. and wish you'd update more!

    i miss talking to you on the daily...

    she wasn't even two when we started talking!

    hope everything is going well.