Saturday, December 6, 2008

An Ode to Beaver

I traveled home for my grandfather's funeral over the Thanksgiving holiday. He has always been inordinately proud of our hometown, Beaver Utah. He wore a Beaver, UT pin on his lapel, as a "conversation starter" he would say. I would get a lecture every time I mentioned how I could not wait until I graduated so I could move to somewhere in the real world. Not that I've been living in the "real world" for 12 years, I can respect what a gem this small town is.

((Ok so by this point you have probably realized that I'm not going to talk about my big brown beaver. Oh man if I could only get a song to play on this blog, it would definitely by Primus' song about that))

So here it is, a top five list of interesting facts about Beaver, Utah.

5. The inventor of television, Philo T. Farnsworth,was born here.
4. Butch Cassidy, the notorious western outlaw, was also born in Beaver, Ut
3. Voted best drinking water in America
2. A population of 2,631, with a crime scale of 2 (10 being the highest), kids can actually play outside or walk to the park all by themselves!

And the greatest thing about Beaver, Utah?
The Eager Beaver Car Wash! haha, I so wish I had gotten a picture of that before I left town to post on here.

If you are into outdoorsy endeavors, Beaver has got it all. Golf, a ski resort, lots of atv trails, great hiking, fishing, hunting. Sure, I always tease that it's Vanilla Central (94% are white, 73% are Mormon, and 79% are Republican) but the people are super friendly and all in all I should be proud to say I'm from Beaver, Utah. Instead of stretching the truth and telling people that I'm from Colorado. Sure, my family all moved there after I graduated, but I got so tired of the questions. "Are ya mormon?" "What was your mascot?" Sheesh people!

To sum up, I'm proud to be a Beaver Beaver! Go BHS! ;)


  1. small towns are awesome- and i wish mine were that small - not to mention safe!

    i say go you for having hometown pride ;)

  2. I, too, hated growing up in a small town and couldn't wait to leave it. Then, the Pretend Husband and I had the chance to buy the house I grew up in... so I'm back. And, surprisingly, the things I hated as a kid are the parts I love the most now. Who knew?!?

  3. Beaver is a pretty good town-name, but it doesn't beat Ihopeulikeit, GA.

    ; )

  4. mmm, my favorite Primus song. but you already knew that.

  5. I remember the day that I wanted to get out of Beaver, and now, here I am wanting to get back to a small/rural area one day to raise my family. I never knew that I would ever feel this way about a small town. :)

  6. Beaver is a fantabulous place. I left a bit before you were there, but it's home and I love it. I knew your gpa. He was a super guy and will miss visiting them at the car show in Fillmore. Your gparents and mine go way back. Your gma and my dad are "birthday buddies". I am kind of jealous that you get to live in Alaska, although, Kanosh feels like it today!