Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Dumb Blonde Salute time!

"Herrooo?" says me as I answer the phone at work.

BF: "Guess what I just found on the kitchen table?!"

Me: "Uh, yeah so I meant to tell you about that... wait... What are you talking about?"

BF: "Your car keys!"

Me: "CRAP!"

We carpooled into work today, Puker drove my car. I didn't even think to check for my keys because I always keep them either in my purse or my coat pocket. Usually in my coat because I have a habit of leaving the house without it, so this makes me have to bring it. I'd imagine that most people think that's incredibly dumb to forget to put on your coat in the winter in Alaska, especially with the weather being -20 degrees all last week.

Long story short, he caught the bus home because he assistant-teaches a kids jujutsu class tonight, and I don't get off work until after 6 p.m. I have the car here, with no keys. This is pretty classic behavior on my part. I'm notorious for locking myself out of my house, or locking the keys in the car. (I can't do that anymore, I have a smartkey.)

I love feeling like a dumb blonde.

Which is why I'm dying my hair fire-engine red again on Friday. Artificial Intelligence ya'll!

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  1. I'm really good about not losing my keys... but terrible about being able to misplace pretty much everything else (like my dog as you'll read on my blog today!)